How Session Goods saves 30 hours a month and works 19% faster with Centro

Learn how Session Goods, a bespoke DTC cannabis brand, uses Centro to filter data and automate inventory reporting so they can focus on scaling their business.

"Centro has been great for getting our inventory and reporting under control. I used to spend a lot of time piecing together exports into reports and now Centro helps me do everything from monitoring stock fluctuations to creating POs right from the interface."

Session Goods needed an accurate, automated inventory solution that saved them time they could reinvest into their brand expansion

Before Centro, Session Goods was struggling to track inventory across their online store, warehouse, and 3PL. Other softwares they had tried were unable to sort inventory intelligently or required expensive custom builds, leading to duplicate inventory values from multiple sources. 

In addition, Session Good was looking for a solution to automate inventory reporting after their 3PL quoted them over $3,000 for a custom build.

As Session Goods expanded their brand into new channels, such as wholesale, they were finding it increasingly difficult to manage.Session Goods needed an intelligent inventory solution that would easily plug into their existing Shopify store and tech stack that would give them trusted inventory data they could work with immediately.

“Prior to this, I did not know the actual value of my inventory. The way our inventory system works, we have multiple SKU systems that all point back to the same pool of inventory, So in all the software, it sees all the inventory duplicated for each SKU set.”

Centro plugs into your other software and delivers inventory accuracy and insights with built-in automations

Session Goods had two bottlenecks in their operations workflow, duplicate inventory values and time-consuming reporting. Although the team had been burned when turning to their 3PLs for these solutions, one try was all it took to see the impact.

Every brand runs their inventory and SKUs systems differently, and Centro was built with that in mind. Centro plugs into multiple inventory sources and consolidates the data into the Centro dashboard. To get the right inventory values, Centro has an extensive range of categorization features that allows you to exclude certain SKUs, and sort inventory at granular levels (including by raw materials).

Centro has built-in reporting that Byron, Operations Manager at Session Goods, uses to produce weekly inventory reports.

“Centro is a tool set that is not available with most softwares that comes in and integrates quickly and seamlessly.

Since onboarding with Centro, Byron has seen a significant savings in time that he’s using to fight fires and expand their business. As the sole operator at Session Goods, Byron’s time is extremely valuable and every hour counts. As Byron puts it, “Centro gives you the ability to do more of what you’re trying to accomplish.”

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