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  • Augmented end-to-end inventory replenishment
  • Bill of Materials features to breakdown and track raw material, to the factory-level.
  • Real-time syncing hub to track and allocate inventory across multiple selling channels, locations, and stores.
  • Custom automations to filter and adjust your larger product catalog.
  • Complimentary additional data integrations with Shiphero, Extensiv, ShipBob, Amazon, and more!
  • Unlimited, 30-minute syncs to have the freshest data, forever.
  • Dedicated 90-day white-glove onboarding and technical support.
  • White-glove customer experience with founders.
  • Add unlimited teammates to your Centro account!
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"Centro is a vital asset in my busy routine. Between production runs, weekly reports, and inventory tasks, it serves as a confident nudge, directing me to key priorities. It beautifully centralizes and connects all aspects of my inventory management, enhancing my overall efficiency and focus."

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Ahmed Khalil

CEO of Luphida Consulting
Luphida Consulting

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*The estimated reduction in productivity measured by hours by employee and financial impact from potential operational risks. All calculations are approximate.

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