Keep bestsellers in stock with AI-powered operations

Prevent inventory risks, coordinate end-to-end restocks of your catalog, and add capacity to your operations team without having to hire.

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Helping brands scale their revenue without having to hire

Centro AIM augments end-to-end demand planning, purchase order management, and daily reconciliation while being 80% cheaper compared to hiring.

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We connect to everywhere that you hold inventory data

Centro is your single source of truth for inventory, connecting to your Shopify store, 3PL, WMS, and multiple factories.

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Gain visibility into what your operations are really costing you

Monthly operational loss calculator

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Total Monthly Loss

Loss in Time
Loss in Value*
$ 46,875.00
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Return On Investment
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*The estimated reduction in productivity measured by hours by employee and financial impact from potential operational risks. All calculations are approximate.

"Centro is a vital asset in my busy routine. Between production runs, weekly reports, and inventory tasks, it serves as a confident nudge, directing me to key priorities. It beautifully centralizes and connects all aspects of my inventory management, enhancing my overall efficiency and focus."

Ahmed Khalil
CEO of Luphida Consulting
Luphida Consulting

"Centro takes a mess of data and allows me to pick exactly what I care about. It helps me filter out all of the bundles and SKUs that don't mean anything to me which none of my other pieces of software can do and show the accurate value of inventory."

Byron Williams
Operations Manager
Session Goods

"Centro is indispensable for us. I finally don’t have to do my inventory reporting in spreadsheets anymore. It automates and frees up valuable time for our operations."

ECommerce Manager

Accessible expertise meeting
you where you need it

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Demand Planner

Monitor inventory levels, provide recommendations for stock replenishment, identify slow-moving stock.

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Operations Specialist

    Generate regular reports on production performance, inventory levels, lead times, and other key metrics.

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    Production Assistant

    Manage inbound logistics, raw materials, and identify bottlenecks in the production process.

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    Built for brands who do inventory and operations a little differently

    Centro AI learns your unique procurement process by ingesting your emails, POs, and Shopify sales data to meet your team where it's at.


    Struggling with the increasing complexities of demand planning and considering hiring for additional support.

    VP of Operations

    Lack of inventory accuracy and coordination lead to expensive stock outs. Coordinating POs takes 10+ hours a week of digging into inboxes.

    Head of Supply Chain

    Product development is constantly put on the back burner as you fight daily fires and drown in reconciliation work.

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    Unlock Limitless Growth with Centro

    Contact us today to learn how Centro can help you always keep your bestsellers in stock.

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