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"Centro takes a mess of data and allows me to pick exactly what I care about. It helps me filter out all of the bundles and SKUs that don't mean anything to me which none of my other pieces of software can do and show the accurate value of inventory."

Byron Williams
Operations Manager
Session Goods

"Centro isn't just an app; it's your operations' best friend. In the fast-paced world of operations management, where juggling inventory, purchase orders, and multiple platforms is the daily routine, Centro steps in to infuse automation into your operations, making complex tasks simpler and more efficient."

Spencer Daniel
Operations Manager

"Centro is a vital asset in my busy routine. Amidst production runs, weekly reports, and inventory tasks, it serves as a confident nudge, directing me to key priorities. It beautifully centralizes and connects all aspects of my inventory management, enhancing my overall efficiency and focus."

Ahmed Khalil
Chief Executive Officer
Luphida Consulting

Purchase orders, visualized.

Maximize efficiency, save costs, and take full control of your purchase orders and procurement.

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Built for brands ordering finished and unfinished goods

Reconcile, order, and track each component of your inventory across different vendors, shipments, and locations.

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Plan and manage your cashflow with detailed invoice tracking

Set and plan payments, terms and conditions, and identify potential cashflow issues before they happen.

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PO exports built-in

Optimize your internal communications with PO exports and detailed change logs that help your team stay in the loop.

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Your PO homepage

Full visibility for every member of your team to track each stage of your PO progress in one place.

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We get complex inventory.
Jamyang Tenzin

Jamyang Tenzin

Co-Founder, CEO
Andrew Liu

Andrew Liu

Co-Founder, CTO


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