Stop letting your inventory stand between you and your sales!

Keep bestsellers in stock and turn costly hours into minutes with AI-powered workflows and automations

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You’re right, you are seeing different inventory values

Centro is your single source of truth for inventory, connecting to your Shopify store, 3PL, WMS, and multiple factories.

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"Centro is a vital asset in my busy routine. Between production runs, weekly reports, and inventory tasks, it serves as a confident nudge, directing me to key priorities. It beautifully centralizes and connects all aspects of my inventory management, enhancing my overall efficiency and focus."

Ahmed Khalil
CEO of Luphida Consulting
Luphida Consulting

"Centro takes a mess of data and allows me to pick exactly what I care about. It helps me filter out all of the bundles and SKUs that don't mean anything to me which none of my other pieces of software can do and show the accurate value of inventory."

Byron Williams
Operations Manager
Session Goods

"Centro is indispensable for us. I finally don’t have to do my inventory reporting in spreadsheets anymore. It automates and frees up valuable time for our operations."

ECommerce Manager

If you want to upgrade your business, you're going to need to upgrade your tools

Built for purpose to help you do your best work, with the right numbers to back you.

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You're building a fashion brand

Manage hundreds of variants and SKUs with ease. Smart sorting features allow you to work with relevant inventory instead of your whole catalogue.

You're scaling on multiple channels

Keep your online and wholesale orders all in one place. Don't let your operations slow down your ambitions.

You source from multiple vendors

Create, manage, and track all your production orders in one place. Easily export reports to keep everyone in the loop.

Built by experts from Shopify, SSENSE, Vivid Seats and more

Before building Centro, we faced and solved these issues at the enterprise level. We're people who know the operational pain that comes with building and scaling something special. We're building the software we wish we had.

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One inventory value across all your Shopify stores

Centro's Syncing Hub syncs inventory across all your Shopify stores in real-time. Stop overselling and wasting valuable hours on daily reconciliation.


Managed finished goods and raw materials in one place

Save hours of manual labor by using Centro to track inventory by components, location, and by finished and unfinished goods. Use the built-in calculator to see what you can produce and when.


End-to-end PO coordination in one visual dashboard

Draft and track purchase orders end-to-end. Add financial and shipping details, and easily export POs to send to suppliers.
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Resolve risks with smart notifications

Real time alerts surface critical issues to keep your operations running smoothly. Receive low stock alerts when Centro detects you have less inventory available than the lead time it takes to produce it.
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Curious about the new way to manage your operations? Try Centro!

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